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Spring is the peak season for decoration. With the warming of temperature and the increase of spring promotional discount festivals, there are not a few people preparing for decoration. However, after the downturn of the real estate market, will the home furnishing industry usher in a "warm spring"? What is the consumer confidence in the home market? At the beginning of the year, a home furnishing company, together with Beijing Youth Daily and Beijing business daily, launched a 2012 consumer confidence index survey. The survey results showed that consumers did not show a significant decline in confidence in the market for the year of the dragon. 80% of consumers believed that house prices remained stable or even fell slightly, 25% believed that the trend of house prices had no impact on their own house purchase, and 60% of people would decorate their houses within six months after purchasing them. Therefore, the rigid demand of the market this year is still not weak

the survey shows that more than half of consumers believe that house prices will decline slightly in the first half of 2012, and 26% believe that they will remain stable, which indicates that most consumers are bearish on the property market, and the vast majority of these people will "wait and see for a while and make plans". Consumers' judgment on the trend of house prices will have a great impact on the purchase plan

among the people who have bought houses, 55% choose to carry out fine decoration rather than simple decoration. The investigators who think that the decoration with an acceptable price of 500 ~ 1000 yuan/square meter account for 39%, and those with an acceptable price of 1000 ~ 1500 yuan/square meter account for 22%. In the item "whether to consider decoration immediately after buying a house", 39% of people chose "there is no decoration plan, and we will discuss it after comparing the price of home decoration", which shows that consumers are still sensitive to the price of home decoration and require high cost performance

in addition, it can be seen from the survey results that brand home decoration companies have not won complete trust in the minds of some consumers. 66% of the people "find a trustworthy decoration team through a friend's introduction" and "find a regular decoration company through publicity materials" only account for 25%, and there are obviously fewer people looking for road guerrillas. Respondents believe that the most important factor in choosing a home decoration company is "construction quality". Among these consumers who choose regular home decoration companies, 36% choose "all unacceptable" and only 11% choose "all acceptable" in the question of "how much building materials can you accept from home decoration companies". Most consumers have not yet formed recognition for paying decoration design fees. Only 27% of the respondents chose "yes", and 36% said "it depends on the situation"

in addition, 64% of the respondents will consider redecorating only when moving to a new house, and 20% will consider "changing if the quality is poor". And if it is redecorated, the demand for price is also more affordable




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