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Faced with the low price of the whole network during the "double 11" last week, many people became a crazy "chopping party". In the hand chopping season at the end of the year, Oushennuo ceramics carried out a big unveiling of the secrets of nine types of personality home decoration for the decoration hand chopping party crowd

on November 7, Oushennuo ceramics launched a cartoon of the nine type personality chopping party on wechat and Weibo platforms at the same time, which greatly deduced people's personality embodiment when "chopping hands" by using the changeable and cute ou. According to the characteristics of the nine type personality, it humorous ridiculed nine kinds of chopping party shopping psychology, which made netizens have a great resonance and participated in the ridicule

in addition to analyzing the "hand cutting" performance of these nine personality groups, Oushennuo ceramics also returned the topic to its own specialty: decoration and brick selection. After the introduction of the cartoon of the nine personality chop hands party, Oushennuo ceramics also analyzed the home decoration style that can best represent each personality chop hands party for netizens, and provided corresponding home decoration cases and decoration brick selection guidelines to help them "chop hands" more wisely in the home decoration process and create an ideal home that suits them best

at the same time, for fans who shared their experience of home decoration cutting hands, Oushennuo ceramics also offered a reward of "hand cutting encouragement gold", encouraging everyone to share their home decoration experience and discuss home decoration secrets together

type 9 personality cartoon, home decoration secret script, chop hands to encourage gold, Oushennuo ceramics did the opposite in the price war of the double 11. First, it used psychology and comics that netizens were interested in to create topic heat, and then combined with the decoration cases of their own products, launched home decoration secret script, at the same time, it encouraged netizens to share home decoration experience, created an atmosphere of rational consumption of home decoration, and transmitted the positive energy of decoration consumption

it's not that you don't "chop your hands", but that you should "chop your hands" shrewdly. Do you feel the painstaking intention of osheno ceramics? Then the question comes. Facing the upcoming "double 12", can you "chop your hands" cleverly




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