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What if there is no budget for decoration? What if the money for decoration is not enough? How can we save money on May day decoration? The word "saving money by decorating in advance" affects the nerves of every decorator. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will tell you the secret of how to save 30000 yuan in May day decoration, right

tips for saving money in decoration 1: save money from home shopping malls

(I) cash refund of Southland everyone 4%-10%

from April 28 to May 11, customers can buy more than 10000 yuan in Southland everyone decoration and Southland lamp world, and they can give gifts of three refrigerators, LCD TVs and other household appliances, as well as soft cash vouchers. When the total amount reaches 2000 yuan, you can get a cash coupon, golden horse, 10000 yuan red envelope and so on! 400 cash red envelopes revel for 2 hours, and millions of lighting vouchers benefit the whole city. Scanning wechat can also win a good gift! [details]

(II) the transaction price of Yuexing home will be returned by 9%

from May 1 to May 3, all consumers who buy home at Yuexing home can enjoy an additional subsidy of 9% on the basis of the transaction price. During the event, if the consumption is full, they can get luxury gifts such as shuangliren kitchenware, 3M water purifier, iPad air tablet, IMAC computer all-in-one machine, etc. From May 1 to May 3, golden half-hour and half price products [event details]

(III) Jinma Kaixuan home CBD will issue 5000 passes free of charge

5.1 the first central China centralized purchase conference of Hankou North Jinma Kaixuan home CBD will be fully launched. Hankou North Jinma Kaixuan home CBD will jointly hold the "5.1 first central China centralized purchase conference" large-scale promotional activities with its 1800 brands. During the event, manufacturers, merchants and shopping malls will jointly share profits, The city issued a limited number of 5000 passes, and you can't grab them if you're late! The event gathered first-class home furnishing brands at home and abroad. The whole city made great contributions, and Qumei, Chivas and other well-known brands gathered. A promotion storm triggered by Golden Horse triumph home CBD is about to sweep Wuhan! [details]

(IV) incredibly home 5.1 open the gate to give 3% cash back after interest discount

from April 26 to May 3, incredibly home discount 3% after discount of famous furniture and building materials, furniture trade in subsidy 5%, hardware coating supermarket, 100 yuan for 1000 yuan, 350 yuan for general supermarket vouchers for 3000 yuan, and a large number of special price shock products. [details]

Secret 2 of saving money in decoration: brand discount + affordable store

ordering 500 yuan for different sofas can be worth 2000 yuan

ordering 500 yuan for different sofas can be worth 2000 yuan. Buying tea tables and TV cabinets +1 yuan for a shopping cart, dining tables +1 yuan for a dining chair, sofas +1 yuan for a mini sofa. Buy a soft bed +1 yuan, and give a fitted sheet as a gift. Buy the specified set meal +1 yuan and get a set of Cornell single chair or any single chair in the store. [details]

Shengda floor 100000 gift delivery

from April 21 to May 10, Shengda floor 30 times the premium price, nearly 100000 free single awards, 100000 cash on-site delivery, 100000 gift delivery. Buy together and give tickets for the stars public benefit concert. The solid wood floor is as low as 4.8% off. [details]

tips for saving money in decoration: save money from looking for a company

chairman's Thanksgiving gold for the 17th anniversary of Yezhifeng is limited nationwide, with a design deposit of more than 1000 yuan for the decoration of Yezhifeng, a string of gold beads for the 17th anniversary, a design deposit for the chairman's Thanksgiving gold card, and a design fee deposit. Grab a three-dimensional healthy home free air management red envelope on the spot, and sign the first installment discount, The privilege of paying the discount of main material payment against basic engineering amount at the event site. [details]

Jintai decoration will save 30000 cases in May.

99 sets of "99 full product European standard model plank houses" will be collected in good faith. Friends who sign up online and follow the company's official wechat can participate in the "lucky turntable" lottery. You can get high-grade silk quilt, comfortable foot bath, exquisite electric kettle, 1000 yuan cash coupon, etc. you can win 100% of the prize and get a maximum benefit of 2000 yuan! [details]




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